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Welcome to the Gor WikiEdit

The Gor Wikia is the work of Role-player's from an IMVU group. The pages herein are accurate accounts of their Role-playing that takes place in the Virtual Locations that are registered into this GorWikia Rp Group; biographies for all of the participants in the role-play, and information about the world. It will populate and change daily from users - so if you currently role-play Gor anywhere else, or are interested in joining an ADULT ONLY Gor Role-play, then you should definitely check us out. See the Joining Gor Page ASAP. If your are NOT into role-play but are an expert about Counter Earth, you can still contribute! You are not permitted to amend anything role-play, world or rule related - those pages are locked, but you can join and add or edit pages about the Gorean Way of Life, Slavery, Beasts, Flora and Fauna. It would be a pleasure to have you - and once again, this is ADULT ONLY Role-playing.

Alaric Garos

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